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Welcome to UrsaMakes & My Longarm Quilting Studio!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Follow along on my custom quilting journey! There will be additional stops for knitting, sewing & more. Tips, tricks & fun stuff on the way. Join me and my makes!


Hi, I'm Ursula! I run UrsaMakes, a longarm quilting studio where I artfully apply freehand custom quilting to client quilts without the use of robotics. You also might know me as SheThinksSheCan, the name under which I've published a number of knitting patterns.

Origin Story

I'm a long-time maker of things: utilitarian or just pretty, with varying degrees of success, but always learning. Before earning my art degree from the University of Washington (we'll just get that out of the way), my mom introduced my sister and me, at very young ages, to as many crafts as she could. I strongly believe this was to keep us entertained and out of trouble. Just speaking for myself, I was a handful.

We were always surrounded by art supplies of all kinds but at some point, my mom saw that we needed to focus our attention on something, anything i.e. stop fighting with each other. Cross stitch, needlepoint, knitting, crochet, latch hook, sewing, weaving. There could be more but the link between all the crafts was that my mom knew them well enough to teach. Missing from that list is quilting. My mom sewed but she didn't quilt like her older sister. I'd like to think that if she were still here, she would have picked it up like her younger sister just did!

That brings us to today where I've filled my maker space with my longarm, three sewing machines and a closet full of fabric and yarn. My days are spent making custom quilts on the longarm and my evenings are spent winding down with a knitting project, ideally of course.

Client quilt, custom quilted with a combination of freehand designs and ruler work.

UrsaMakes: The Blog

So, what might you expect to see in this space?

~ Behind the Design

Every quilt tells a story but that story changes with perspective! Quilts that spend time on my longarm don't necessarily have an origin story for me to tell, but they do have a design story. Read along while I share my custom design process. It's different for every quilt!

~ Tools, Tips, Tricks & Trends

A broad range of topics, but I'll share what I find useful in quilting and knitting. Things that catch my attention, cross my Instagram feed or somehow pique my interest.

Stick Around for More!

I'll be sharing beautiful client quilts adorned with my custom quilting, no robotics. That's right, it's all freehand customized designs specific to YOUR quilt!

So, introduce yourself and leave me a comment with the random crafts you learned as a child! I can't be the only kid that devoured crafts like a hungry lion. BTW my latch hook kit was a lion with a huge mane that I actually don't remember finishing. Tell me yours!

You can also follow me on Instagram @ursamakes and, if your quilt top is ready for quilting, click the Book a Quilt button below and let's get finishing!

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