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Custom Freehand Quilting Studio

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Welcome! I provide custom freehand quilting but you may be asking...

What is custom freehand quilting?


Instead of using a computer to stitch out a design (digital pantograph), I hand-guide the longarm machine and stitch out custom designs, specific to your quilt. The designs can be intricate, dense designs specific to each block or shape. Or they can be loose edge-to-edge designs which are uniform across the quilt top and not area-specific. Or anything in between. I work with you to find the right look for your quilt!


My goal as a quilter is to make your quilt shine! Together we will personalize your quilt by carefully selecting the quilting design and style to match your quilt top. My personal aesthetic leans toward organic, free-flowing shapes and abstract quilting designs. I also favor more dense quilting with the goal of giving your top a lovely texture that compliments your patchwork.


Cotton or Poly?

I'm glad you asked!  In my personal and professional work, I choose natural fibers first. I stock many different cotton thread colors and wool is my first choice for batting. Not to worry though, I also offer poly thread and batting if your project calls for it.


What kind of design would you like?

Take a look at my available designs here or let's come up with something totally different! For more custom design ideas, I offer a design consultation and sketch out options for you to choose from at no extra charge. I want your vision for your quilt to come to life.

Decisions, decisions!

When you book your quilt with me, you have the option to have me pick the design and all the other details like thread color. Or maybe you already know what you want. Either way or somewhere in between, I'm here to help!

For inspiration, take a look at other projects I've completed.

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